Tree Pest Control

Having bugs on your tree is harmful to both the look and health of the tree.  No one wants bugs on their trees.

Termite tracks

Tree Spraying

Insecticide spray work well on any leaf eating insects including Aphids, Boxelder bugs, and Elm beetles. We will spray your trees with insecticide every 4 to 6 weeks, which usually amounts to 3 times per season.

You can tell if you have bugs on trees if you see holes in the leaves, curling of leaves, or just underdeveloped leaves. Also, if the leaves are sticky or you are getting “sticky stuff” on your car or house. This is called “Honeydew” and is actually bug poop. They say it’s sweet to the taste, but you might just want to take our word for that!

If something is going on with  your trees and you aren’t exactly sure what, have our certified arborist come out and take a look for free.


For other types of bugs, we need to take a more aggressive approach. Insecticide injections work for insects that live inside the tree.  If you have these types of pest, you might see holes in the tree or “sawdust” at the base or in the crotches of the tree. You may also see leaf irregularities.

With injections, the insecticide is put directly into the tree. Because there is no loss of chemicals, this only needs to be done once per year.

If you think you might have bugs in your trees, have our certified arborist come out for free and take a look.


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