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Beautiful trees increase the enjoyment of your yard and the value of your home. Our certified and licensed arborists know the best way to care for your trees and have been serving your area since 1992.

If you have questions about your trees we are happy to offer free diagnostics and estimates. You can always expect for us to:

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When It Comes to your Trees, We Have You Covered

Tree Care

Professionally serviced trees are healthier and more robust, reducing the likelihood of harmful pests and diseases. Plus, maintained trees are more beautiful and will enhance the look of your outdoor spaces. If you are not sure what you need, give us a call!

Tree Trimming

Chances are, the beautiful trees in your yard is one reason you bought your house. A properly maintained tree is a wonderful addition to your landscape. However, improper pruning can weaken the branch structure or even kill the trees.

Tree Removal

You’ve probably noticed that Casper’s trees have taken quite a hit in the past few years. City officials are saying that one third of our trees have died. A dead tree is unattractive and can be a danger to you and your home in a storm. Let us remove it.

Sick Tree Care

Trees can become diseased. They can get fungus, wetwood, or even bacterial infections, such as fire blight. This is often treated by injecting the tree directly with a healing solution which prevents loss of chemicals to the surrounding environment and maximizes their effect on the tree.

Tree Pest Control

Having bugs on your tree is harmful to both the look and health of the tree. No one wants bugs on their trees. We can treat pests that may be infecting your trees through spraying or injections. Our certified arborist can help determine which route will help the tree heal and eliminate those bugs.

Deep Root Fertilizer

Tree fertilizing is the best way to promote the long term health of your trees. Well-nourished trees and shrubs have better resistance to disease, insect attack, and drought. Deep root fertilizing can help keep your trees and shrubs healthy and promote the luxurious foliage that adds beauty to your property.

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